Domestic Wooden Artefacts

BookDomestic Wooden Artefacts

Domestic Wooden Artefacts

In Britain and Ireland from Neolithic to Viking Times


September 1st, 1993





In the first published synthesis of the subject, Caroline Earwood traces the changing styles and manufacturing techniques of wooden domestic artefacts in Britain and Ireland from the Neolithic age to the time of the Vikings. A surprising number of these items have survived – some as ancient as 6000 years old – in wet and waterlogged places such as wells and bogs. The book attempts to answer questions about who made the many and varied objects, who used them and how their style and decoration compare with pottery, metal and stone artefacts from the same period. It also examines the continued use of ancient techniques as late as the twentieth century.

Caroline Earwood is a freelance archaeologist specialising in woodwork technology.

The book will become a standard of reference for wooden artefacts in western Europe.


This is a fascinating book which has implications far beyond woodworking itself into the structure of the society that produces the woodworking.

Current Archaeology

... a book which should most certainly be on the shelves of every museum and university library and should be one of the starting points for anyone proposing to study domestic wares and traditional crafts. The book makes a significant contribution to our knowledge of this relatively neglected field.

Folk Life

Author Information

Caroline Earwood is a freelance archaeologist specialising in woodwork technology.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Distribution, deposition and dating
Chapter 2. Stylistic and technical evolution: prehistory
Chapter 3. Typological development in the first millennium AD
Chapter 4. Wooden textile tools
Chapter 5. Carving and bentwood techniques
Chapter 6. Cooperage
Chapter 7. Turning and woodworking tools
Chapter 8. Organisation of production
Chapter 9. Cultural influences on style and decoration
Chapter 10. Progression, regression and archaism
Catalogue of domestic wooden artefacts: Britain and Ireland