French Studies in and for the 21st Century

BookFrench Studies in and for the 21st Century

French Studies in and for the 21st Century


July 7th, 2011



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French Studies in and for the 21st Century draws together a range of key scholars to examine the current state of French Studies in the UK, taking account of the variety of factors which have made the discipline what it is. The book looks ahead to the place of French Studies in a world that is increasingly interdisciplinary, and where student demands, new technologies and transnational education are changing the ways in which we learn, teach, research and assess. Required reading for all UK French Studies scholars, the book will also be an essential text for the French Studies community worldwide as it grapples with current demands and plans for the future.

this is an exceedingly helpful volume for thinking about the perplexities, but also the potential, of the current moment in the field of French studies.
Michael Lucey, French Studies, vol 67, no 1

Author Information

Attaché for Higher Education at the French Embassy in the UK and Visiting Fellow Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Michael Worton is Vice-Provost and Fielden Professor of French Language and Literature, at University College London.