Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, Volume 33 2012

BookHistorical Studies in Industrial Relations, Volume 33 2012

Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, Volume 33 2012


November 5th, 2012





Historical Studies in Industrial Relations was established in 1996 by the Centre for Industrial Relations, Keele University, to provide an outlet for, and to stimulate an interest in, historical work in the field of industrial relations and the history of industrial relations thought. Content broadly covers the employment relationship and economic, social and political factors surrounding it – such as labour markets, union and employer policies and organization, the law, and gender and ethnicity. Articles with an explicit political dimension, particularly recognising divisions within the working class and within workers’ organizations, will be encouraged, as will historical work on labour law.


Author Information

Dave Lyddon, Keele University Paul Smith, Keele University. Roger Seifert, University of Wolverhampton. Carole Thornley, Keele University.

Table of Contents

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Volume 33 includes:
The Edwardian Crisis: The Survival of Liberal England and the Rise of a Labour Identity – John Callaghan
The Enduring Legacy of Industrial Unionism – Bob Crow
‘Crisis? What Crisis?’: The National Rail Strike of 1911 and the State Response – Sam Davies
The Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union and Labour Unrest in Ireland, 1911– Francis Devine
Keir Hardie and the GKN Dowlais Strike 1911– Joe England
1911: The First National Railway Strike and the Rail Union Amalgamation Movement – Alex Gordon
The Contribution of Direct Action to Gradualism: The Railway Strike of 1911 – David Howell
Tom Mann: The Road to Syndicalism and Beyond – Richard Hyman
An Effervescence of Youth: Female Textile-Workers’ Strike Activity in Dundee, 1911–1912 –William Kenefick
The Liverpool Transport Strike of 1911: ‘Overcomings’, Transformations and the ‘New Mentalities’ of The Liverpool Working Class – Mark O’Brien
The Liverpool General Transport Strike, 1911 – Eric Taplin