Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, Volume 37 2016

BookHistorical Studies in Industrial Relations, Volume 37 2016

Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, Volume 37 2016


September 30th, 2016





Historical Studies in Industrial Relations was established in 1996 by the Centre for Industrial Relations, Keele University, to provide an outlet for, and to stimulate an interest in, historical work in the field of industrial relations and the history of industrial relations thought. Content broadly covers the employment relationship and economic, social and political factors surrounding it – such as labour markets, union and employer policies and organization, the law, and gender and ethnicity. Articles with an explicit political dimension, particularly recognising divisions within the working class and within workers’ organizations, will be encouraged, as will historical work on labour law.

Author Information

Dave Lyddon, Keele University Paul Smith, Keele University. Roger Seifert, University of Wolverhampton. Carole Thornley, Keele University.

Table of Contents

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Caroline Dick - Testing the Fabric: Prescribing Female Dress in Australian Early Living-Wage Cases
Adrian Williamson - The Trade Disputes and Trade Unions Act 1927 Reconsidered
Roger Seifert and Andrew Hambler - Wearing the Turban: The 1967–1969 Sikh Bus Drivers’ Dispute in Wolverhampton
Alan Tuckman and Herman Knudsen - The Success and Failings of UK Work-Ins and Sit-Ins in the 1970s: Briant Colour Printing and Imperial Typewriters
Stephen Mustchin - Conflict, Mobilization, and Deindustrialization: The 1980 Gardner Strike and Occupation
Peter Dorey - Weakening the Trade Unions, One Step at a Time: The Thatcher Governments’ Strategy for the Reform of Trade-Union Law, 1979–1984
Symposium: The Oxford School of Industrial Relations: Fifty Years after the 1965–1968 Donovan Commission
Peter Ackers - Introduction: Who Were the Oxford School and Why Did They Matter?
George Bain - A Canadian’s Reflections on the Oxford School
William Brown - The Oxford School at Donovan
John Edmonds - The Donovan Commission: Were We in the Trade Unions Too Short-Sighted?
Sue Ferns - Changing Gender Roles and Public-Policy Perspectives since Donovan: A Trade-Union View
Tony Topham - A Difficult Childhood: The Formative Years of the Transport and General Workers’ Union
Book Reviews
Paul Edwards - Wolfgang Streeck, Buying Time: The Delayed Crisis of Democratic Capitalism
Rebecca Zahn - Ruth Dukes, The Labour Constitution: The Enduring Idea of Labour Law