Management, Finance and Industrial Relations in Maritime Industries

BookManagement, Finance and Industrial Relations in Maritime Industries

Management, Finance and Industrial Relations in Maritime Industries

Essays in International Maritime and Business History

Research in Maritime History, 6


October 18th, 2017

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This volume seeks to explore the vast history of international maritime business, focussing on themes of management, finance, and labour. Each essay considers the economics of maritime industries and the factors that influenced decision-making. Their collective purpose is to spotlight relatively neglected areas of international maritime business history, and their richly varied subjects and geographies are primarily unified by this theme, whilst demonstrating the universality of international maritime business. The essays cover the following subjects:- the Norwegian shipbroking firm, Fearnley and Eger; the labour management strategies of nineteenth century London dock companies; the hierarchies of Finnish seagoing in the nineteenth century; twentieth-century Spanish merchant shipping; an examination of Gothenburg’s leading shipping companies; an exploration of The Royal Mail’s postal contracts and overseas mail service; patterns of ownership and finance in Greek deep-sea steamship fleets; the relationships between banks and industry in interwar Italy; the expansion of Japanese post-war shipbuilding; and a survey of Chinese junk trades.

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"Economic Theory, Information and Management in Shipbroking: Fearnley and Eger as a Case Study, 1869-1972"17
"The Early Nineteenth-Century Port of London: Management and Labour in Three Dock Companies, 1800-1825"47
"Owners and Masters: Management and Managerial Skills in the Finnish Ocean-Going Merchant Fleet, c. 1840-1880"67
"Management, Profitability and Finance in Twentieth-Century Spanish Merchant Shipping: The Compañía Maritima Del Nervion as a Case Study, 1899-1986"83
"Twentieth-Century Shipping Strategies: Broström and Transatlantic, Gothenburg's Leading Shipping Companies"107
"Contractors' Bounties or Due Consideration?: Evidence on the Commercial Nature of The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's Mail Contracts, 1842- 1905"127
"Patterns of Ownership and Finance in the Greek Deep-Sea Steamship Fleet, 1880-1914"155
"Financial Weakness and Industrial Conflict in Italian Shipbuilding Between the Two World Wars"183
"Responding to the Global Market in Boom and Recession: Japanese Shipping and Shipbuilding Industries, 1945- 1980"201
"Shipping and Trade of Chinese Junks in Southeast Asia, 1730-1830: A Survey"219