Medieval and Renaissance Spanish Literature

BookMedieval and Renaissance Spanish Literature

Medieval and Renaissance Spanish Literature

Selected Essays of Keith Whinnom


March 1st, 1994





A collection of articles and the influential inaugural lecture by the late Professor of Spanish at Exeter, edited as a tribute by colleagues in America, Europe and his own Department in Exeter. The subjects range from sentimental romance, narrative religious verse and cancionero love lyric to the problem of the bestseller in Golden Age literature. Some of the articles are difficult to obtain or were badly translated when previously published. Professor Deyermond provides a detailed review of Keith Whinnom's contribution to Spanish literary scholarship and a revised bibliography.

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Keith Whinnom's literary scholarship
The scholarly writings of Keith Whinnom: a revised bibliography
A note on the texts
1. Diego de San Pedro's stylistic reform (1960)
2. The printed editions and the text of the works of Fray Inigo de Mendoza (1962)
3. The 'Cancionero of Fray Inigo de Mendoza': MS Escurialense K-III-7 (1963)
4. The supposed sources of inspiration of Spanish fifteenth-century narrative religious verse (1963)
5. El origen de las comparaciones religiosas del Siglo de Oro: Mendoza, Montesino y Roman (1965)
6. Spanish literary historiography: three forms of distortion (1968)
7. Towards the interpretation and appreciation of the canciones of the Cancionero general of 1511 (1970)
8. Nicolas Nunez's continuation of the Carcel de Amor (Burgos, 1496) (1973)
9. Fray Inigo de Mendoza, Fra Jacobo Maza, and the affiliation of some early MSS of the Vita Christi (1979)
10. 'La Celestina', 'the Celestina', and L2 interference in L1 (1980)
11. The problem of the 'best-seller' in Spanish Golden-Age literature (1980)
12. Interpreting Celestina: the motives and the personality of Fernando de Rojas (1981)
13. The Historia de duobus amantibus of Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini (Pope Pius II) and the development of Spanish Golden-Age fiction (1982)
14. Autor and tratado in the fifteenth century: semantic latinism or etymological trap? (1982)