Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 12

BookPolin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 12

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 12

Focusing on Galicia: Jews, Poles and Ukrainians 1772-1918

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, 12


November 1st, 1999

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From 1772-1918 Jews were concentrated more densely in Galicia than in any other area in Europe. Bartal (modern Jewish history, Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Polonsky (Judaic and social studies, Brandeis University) are joined by a number of other scholars of Judaism to explore the Jewish community in Galicia and its relationship with the Poles, Ukranians, and other ethnic groups. Essays include discuss of the consequences of Galician autonomy; Galician Jewish migration to Vienna; the reforms of Maria Theresa and Joseph II in the 18th century, the assimilation of the Jewish elite; and levels of literacy among Poles and Jews.

Author Information

Israel Bartal is Professor of Modern Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Director of the Centre for Research on the History and Culture of Polish Jews Antony Polonsky is Professor Emeritus of Holocaust Studies at Brandeis University and Chief Historian of the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page4
Editors and Advisers7
Note on Names and Place-Names16
Table of Major Place-Names18
Note on Transliteration20
Part I: Focusing on Galicia: Jews, Poles, and Ukrainians, 1772–191822
Introduction: The Jews of Galicia under the Habsburgs24
Dimensions of a Triangle: Polish–Ukrainian–Jewish Relations in Austrian Galicia46
Austrian First Impressions of Ethnic Relations in Galicia: The Case of Governor Anton von Pergen70
The Jewish Question in Galicia: The Reforms of Maria Theresa and Joseph II,1772-179082
Ludwig Gumplowicz’s Programme for the Improvement of the Jewish Situation94
Enlightenment, Assimilation, and Modern Identity: The Jewish Élite in Galicia100
The Consequences of Galician Autonomy after 1867107
Politics, Religion, and National Identity: The Galician Jewish Vote in the 1873 Parliamentary Elections121
From Austeria to the Manor: Jewish Landowners in Autonomous Galicia141
A Ukrainian Answer to the Galician Ethnic Triangle: The Case of Ivan Franko158
Galician Jewish Migration to Vienna168
Yiddish as an Expression of Jewish Cultural Identity in Galicia and Vienna185
Part II: New Views198
Bernard Singer, the Forgotten ‘Most Popular Jewish Reporter of the Inter-War Years in Poland’200
Johann Anton Krieger, Printer of Jewish Books in Nowy Dwór219
The Alphabetical List of Payers of the Communal Tax in Warsaw for 1912233
‘The City of Illiterates’? Levels of Literacy among Poles and Jews in Warsaw, 1882-1914242
Poles, Jews, and Russians, 1863-1914: The Death of the Ideal of Assimilation in the Kingdom of Poland263
Kazimierz Kelles-Krauz, 1872-1905: A Polish Socialist for Jewish Nationality278
The Endecja and the Jewish Question292
The Return of the Troublesome Bird: Jerzy Kosiński and Polish–Jewish Relations305
Part III: Reviews316
Review Essays: The Historical Besht: Reconstruction or Deconstruction?318
Four Days in Atlantis: Józef Lewandowski’s Complex Vision of the Polish Jewish Past328
On the Bowdlerization of a Holocaust Testimony: The Wartime Journal of Calek Perechodnik337
Judaica in Slovakia351
Book Reviews: Larry Wolff, Inventing Eastern Europe: The Map of Civilization in the Mind of the Enlightenment358
Andrzej Zbikowski, Zydzi360
Elijah Judah Schochet, The Hasidic Movement and the Gaon of Vilna361
Jonathan Frankel, The Damascus Affair: ‘Ritual Murder’, Politics, and the Jews in 1840364
Erich Haberer, Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Russia366
Ute Caumanns, Die polnischen Jesuiten, der ‘Przegla.d Powszechny’ und der politische Katholizismus in der Zweiten Republik. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der katholischen Presse Polens zwischen den Weltkriegen, 1918-1939368
Wilma Abeles Iggers (ed.), The Jews of Bohemia and Moravia: A Historical Reader370
Nehemiah Polen, The Holy Fire: The Teachings of Rabbi Kalonymous Kalman Shapira, the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto372
Ida Fink, A Scrap of Time and Other Stories374
Jerzy Michalewicz, Żydowskie okregi metrykalne i żydowskie gminy wyznaniowe w Galicji376
David G. Roskies, A Bridge of Longing: The Lost Art of Yiddish Storytelling379
Gershon C. Bacon, The Politics of Tradition: Agudas Yisrael in Poland, 1916-1936383
Harold B. Segel (ed.), Stranger in our Midst: Images of the Jews in Polish Literature384
Obituary: Chone Shmeruk390
Notes on the Contributors396