Varieties of World Making

BookVarieties of World Making

Varieties of World Making

Beyond Globalization

Studies in Social and Political Thought, 14


January 1st, 2007

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Globalization has been the topic of heated debate in recent years, with one side asserting that it will produce a better standard of living for people around the world, and a fierce opposition arguing that it will ultimately lead to greater poverty and the destruction of unique human cultures. Varieties of World Making tackles the issue from a different angle, proposing that the contemporary global network of business, politics and culture be viewed from the inter-disciplinary perspective of ‘world making’. Drawn from the ranks of sociology, law, international relations, political philosophy and history, the distinguished contributors cut through polarized rhetoric to examine the current global situation. Their proposed diagnoses draw upon thoughtful analyses of various political dilemmas whose ripple effects are felt around the world, such as the volatile relationship between Islam and Europe, or the legal foundations for a true international order absent in the shadows of imperialism. Varieties of World Making will be an essential resource for all those grappling with the complex consequences of globalization for the future.

Author Information

Nathalie Karagiannis is Research Fellow at the University of Trento. Peter Wagner teaches sociology and social and political theory at the European University Institute, Florence, and the University of Warwick. His recent publications include A history and theory of the social sciences (London: Sage, 2001) and Theorizing modernity (London: Sage, 2001).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
List of contributors7
Introduction: Globalization or World-Making?9
Part 1: The Coexistence of Several Worlds23
1: Republic or Empire? On the American End and the European Beginning of Politics25
2: Latin American Varieties of Modernity49
3: Multiple Modernities or Global Interconnections: Understanding the Global Post the Colonial67
4: Europe, America, China: Contemporary Wars and their Implications for World Orders82
5: Islam Online: The Internet, Religion and Politics98
Part 2: The Bonds that Make a World117
6: ‘In the Name of Politics’: Sovereignty, Democracy and the Multitude in India119
7: ‘Horizontal’ Connections and Interactions in Global Development141
8: Multiple Solidarities: Autonomy and Resistance162
9: The Making and the Unmaking of Europe in its Encounter with Islam: Negotiating French Republicanism and European Islam181
Part 3: Framing a World199
10: Democratic Justice in a Globalizing Age: Thematizing the Problem of the Frame201
11: Contracting and Founding in Times of Conflict224
12: Worlds Emerging: Approaches to the Creation and Constitution of the Common240
13: Imperial Modernism and European World-Making255
14: Global Governance and the Emergence of a ‘World Society’274