Euripides: Selected Fragmentary Plays I

BookEuripides: Selected Fragmentary Plays I

Euripides: Selected Fragmentary Plays I

Aris & Phillips Classical Texts


May 1st, 1995

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The fragmentary plays of Euripides are a body of texts still regularly increasing in number and extent. They are of very great interest in themselves, apart from the significant aid they give to the fuller appreciation of the surviving complete plays. This two-volume edition brings together for the first time for English readers the more substantial and important of the plays, about fifteen in all. Each play is introduced by a summary bibliography and an appreciative essay which analyses the mythic background and plot: reconstructs the play as far as the fragmentary text and secondary evidence allow; and discusses themes, characterisation, staging, date, reflections of the story in art and other dramatisations. For each play the fragmentary texts are presented as conveniently and succinctly as possible, together with a brief critical apparatus of sources and readings. An English translation stands on the facing page. The text and translation of each play are followed by a short, primarily interpretative commentary. Text with facing translation, commentary and notes.

Author Information

Christopher Collard is Emeritus Professor of Classics, University of Swansea. He has published widely on tragedy and Euripides in particular. His work includes editions with commentary of Euripides, Suppliant Women (1975, 1984) and Hecuba (1991), and he is co-editor of Selected Fragmentary Plays of Euripides (1995, 2004) and Iphigenia at Aulis (2017). He was General Editor of the Aris & Phillips Classical Texts series from 2007-2016. Martin J. Cropp is Professor Emeritus of Greek and Roman Studies at the University of Calgary. In the Aris & Phillips Classical Texts series he has edited Euripides’ 'Electra' (1988, 2013), Euripides’ 'Iphigenia in Tauris' (2001), 'Euripides: Selected Fragmentary Plays', Volume 1 with Christopher Collard and Kevin Lee (1995, revised 2009) and Volume 2 with Christopher Collard and John Gibert (2004) and 'Minor Greek Tragedians, Volume 1: The Fifth Century' (2019). †Kevin Lee was Professor of Classics at the University of Sydney. His publications include editions of Euripides’ plays 'Ion', 'Troades' and 'Heracles', and (with Collard and Cropp) 'Euripides: Selected Fragmentary Plays Volume I' in the Aris & Phillips Classical Texts series.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page4
Copyright Page5
Contents of Volume One6
General Editor’s Foreword7
General Introduction10
I. Evidence for the fragmentary plays10
II. Modem study of the fragmentary plays13
III. Form and content of this edition20
Bibliography and Abbreviations22
Telephus (438 B.C.) (M. C.)26
Cretans (near 438?) (C. C.)62
Stheneboea (before 429?) (C. C.)88
Bellerophon (about 430) (C. C.)107
Cresphontes (about 425) (M. C.)130
Erectheus (422?) (M. C.)157
Phaethon (about 420) (C. C.)204
Melanippe Sophe (Wise Melanippe: late 420s?) and Melanippe Desmotis (Captive Melanippe: before 412) (M. C.)249