The New Media

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The New Media

A Teachers Guide


October 9th, 2002





In the Teacher's Guide, Sean Redmond discusses exactly what is meant by the phrase "new media" and examines their impact. He goes on to explore their effects on such "old media" as film, TV and music; then examines some of the most significant "new media", using the Internet, game-playing and surveillance cameras as primary case studies. The accompanying Resources draw upon many of the examples featured in the Guide, providing the teacher with a useful 'classroom ready' scheme of work.

Author Information

Sean Redmond is an associate professor in media and communication at Deakin University. He convenes the Melbourne-based Eye Tracking and the Moving Image Research group, and the Science Fiction Research group at Deakin University. He has published ten books, including A Companion to Celebrity (2015), The AFI Film Reader: Endangering Science Fiction Film (2015), Celebrity and the Media (2014), and The Cinema of Takeshi Kitano: Flowering Blood (2013).