Nazism 1919–1945 Volume 1

BookNazism 1919–1945 Volume 1

Nazism 1919–1945 Volume 1

The Rise to Power 1919–1934: A Documentary Reader

Exeter Studies in History


March 1st, 1998





Volume 1 of this series of documents with commentary covers the period from the founding of the Nazi Party in 1919 to Hitler's assumption of the office of Fuhrer and Reich Chancellor of 1 August 1934. The documents in the four volumes of this series are drawn from a wide range of sources - official and party documents, memoirs, letters, diaries and newspapers - and are linked with a commentary. The combination of documents and commentary represents at the same time a textbook, a contribution to scholarship and a source book for students and historians.

Author Information

Jeremy Noakes is Professor of History at Exeter University.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
1 From the Founding Party to the Putsch 1919-23
(i) The founding of the Party
(ii) Hitler takes over the Party leadership, August 1921
(iii) The Development of the Party, 1921-23
(iv) The Hitler-Putsch 8-9 November 1923
2 The Creation of a Nationwide Party Organisation 1924-28
(i) The Refounding of the Party 27 February 1925
(ii) The assertion of the Primacy of the 'Fuhrer'
(iii) The creation of the Party Cadre
3 The Emergence of Nazism as a Mass Movement 1928-1933
(i) The Breakthrough 1928-30
(ii) Propaganda 1930-32
(iii) Statistics and the Social and Geographical Bases of Nazism
4 The Struggle for Power 1930-33
(i) The Path of Legality and the problem of the SA
(ii) Relations between Nazis and Nationalists in 1931-32
(iii) From Bruning to Papen
(iv) The Crisis Months, August-December 1932
The Appointment of Hitler as Chancellor, 30 January 1933
5 The 'Seizure of Power' 1933-34
(i) The 'National Uprising'-The Election Campaign of February-March 1933
(ii) The Seizure of Power in the States and the SA/Party 'Revolution from Below' of March 1933
(iii) The 'Coordination' of the Reichstag and of the Political Parties, March-June 1933
(iv) The Revolution Stabilised: Conflict with the SA
List of Sources
A Selective Bibliography