Nazism 1919–1945 Volume 2

BookNazism 1919–1945 Volume 2

Nazism 1919–1945 Volume 2

State, Economy and Society 1933–39: A Documentary Reader

Exeter Studies in History


August 1st, 2000





Volume 2 of this series of documents with commentary covers the domestic aspects of the regime between 1933 and 1939: the political stystem, the economy and society, propaganda and indoctrination, policies towards youth and women, the SS system of terror, antisemitism and popular attitudes towards the regime - consent, dissent and resistance. The documents in the four volumes of this series are drawn from a wide range of sources - official and party documents, memoirs, letters, diaries and newspapers - and are linked with a commentary. The combination of documents and commentary represents at the same time a textbook, a contribution to scholarship and a source book for students and historians.

Author Information

Jeremy Noakes is Professor of History at Exeter University.

Table of Contents

Section TitlePage
Preface to the 2000 New Edition
6 The Nazi Political System
7 Central Government and the Role of the Reich Chancellery
8 The 'Coordinatio'n of the Civil Service
9 Party/State Relations- at the Centre
10 Party/Sate Relations at Regional and Local Level
11 The Nazi Economic Programme
12 The Policies of Schacht
13 The Four-Year Plan, 1936-39
14 Business
15 Agriculture
16 Nazism and the Working Class
17 The Regime and the People
18 Propaganda and Indoctrination
19 Youth and Education
20 Women, The Family and Population Policy
21 Law and Order
22 The SS-Police System
23 Antisemitism
24 Popular Opinion-Consent, Dissent, Opposition and Resistance
List of Sources
A Selective Bibliography