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September 1st, 2012

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George Meredith was a lyrical yet searingly honest poet, and an influential novelist whose fiction distilled, contributed to and animated the major debates of the Victorian age. He became at once an arbiter of taste in his own times, and a trailblazer for modernism. In many ways an extraordinary, larger-than-life figure, he has always had his admirers, and critics have continued to be drawn to the biographical, socio-political, scientific and experimental aspects of his oeuvre. Some of his works, including the sonnets ofModern Love, his ‘Essay on Comedy and the Uses of the Comic Spirit’, and novels like The Egoist, have attained the status of classics. The present study focuses on such works, putting them in context to show how innovatively this versatile writer shaped and reshaped his material, and how powerfully his inimitable voice still resonates with (and challenges) us in the twenty first century.

Author Information

Jacqueline Banerjee has held lectureships in English Literature at the University of British Columbia, Canada, the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, and Kobe College, Japan. She has also given courses at King’s College London as an honorary member of staff and is now the Associate Editor (UK) for the Victorian Web.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Half Title2
Title Page 4
List of Illustrations7
Biographical Outline8
Abbreviations and References12
1 A Life in Stages18
2 Poems (1851) and ‘Modern Love’35
3 The First ‘Thwackings’: From The Shaving of Shagpat to The Adventures of Harry Richmond52
4 A New Kind of Hero: From Beauchamp’s Career to The Egoist72
5 The Later Novels: Meredith as Feminist?89
6 The Later Poetry 104
Select Bibliography126