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Richard Rolle

Unprinted Latin Writings

Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies


November 30th, 2019

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Although Richard Rolle, hermit of Hampole, was perhaps the most influential spiritual author of the later English Middle Ages, the coming of print was not kind to him. Although a large collected Latin Opera appeared in the 1530s, it was scarcely exhaustive, and a number of the texts there included, notably Rolle's Latin Psalter commentary, have not been critically examined since. This volume partially redresses this silence by providing a sequence of four Latin texts that have remained in manuscript. Central to Rolle's oeuvre (and to this volume) is Rolle's meditative reading of the first three verses of The Song of Songs, 'Super Canticum'.  Also included are two relatively brief unedited texts, 'Super Magnificat' and 'De vita activa et contemplativa'. In addition, the volume reassesses the universal manuscript ascription to Rolle of 'Viridarium, vel De misericordia Dei'; although the work is here reascribed, there is also an edition of selected passages. Unprinted Latin Writings also includes an introduction, critical and textual, some textual annotation, a description of all those previously undescribed manuscripts used here, and an index of the medieval sources cited.

Author Information

Ralph Hanna is Professor of Palaeography (Emeritus) and Emeritus Fellow at Keble College, Oxford. He is a former Guggenheim Fellow, former Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute (Harvard University), and winner of the British Academy Sir Israel Gollancz Prize for English Language 2015. His books include Editing Medieval Texts (Liverpool University Press, 2015), Introducing English Medieval Book History: Manuscripts, their Producers and their Readers (Liverpool University Press, 2013) and Richard Rolle: Unprinted Latin Writings (Liverpool University Press, 2019).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Abbreviated references9
The texts included here13
Super Canticum Canticorum13
Super Magnificat19
De vita activa et contemplativa20
Viridarium, vel De misericordia Dei20
Editorial procedures31
Super Canticum Canticorum31
Super Magnificat36
De vita activa et contemplativa36
Viridarium, vel De misericordia Dei38
The texts45
Super Canticum Canticorum46
Super Magnificat178
De vita activa et contemplativa188
Viridarium, vel De misericordia Dei198
Notes to the texts239
Appendix: Manuscripts previously undescribed259
Index fontium267