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Studying French Cinema



April 22nd, 2013

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Taking a text-led approach, with the emphasis on more recent popular films, Studying French Cinema is directed at non-specialists such as students of French, Film Studies, and the general reader with an interest in post-war French cinema. Each of the chapters focuses on one or more key films from the ground-breaking films of the nouvelle vague (Les 400 coups, 1959) to contemporary documentary (Etre et avoir, 2002) and puts them into their relevant contexts. Depending on the individual film, these include explorations of childhood, adolescence and coming of age (Les 400 coups, L'Argent de poche); auteur ideology and individual style (the films of Jean-Luc Godard and Agnes Varda); the representation of recent French history (Lacombe Lucien and Au revoir les enfants); transnational production practices (Le Pacte des loups); and popular cinema, comedy and gender issues (e.g. Le Diner de cons). Each film is embedded in its cultural and political context. Together, the historical discussions provide an overview of post-war French history to the present. Useful suggestions are made as to studies of related films, both those discussed within the book and outside.

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Sarah Perks is a director of Cornerhouse, Manchester.Isabelle Vanderschelden teaches French and film studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.Andy Willis teaches at the University of Salford.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
1. François Truffaut: An Auteur's representation of childhood24
2. French New Wave and Godard in the 1960s48
3. New Wave legacy and the French Auteur74
4. Social Realism and Agnès Varda's Cinécriture94
5. Louis Malle's (Hi)Stories of the Occupation112
6. Adolescence and coming of age in Claude Miller's Intimist Cinema134
7. French Documentary Film and a Vision of the World154
8. Traits and Traditions in French Film Comedy174
9. The Renewal of French Historical Drama and Heritage Film198
10. Road Movie, Transnational Cinema and Self-Discovery Journey218