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Labour History Review

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Global Nineteenth-Century Studies

Labour History Review is published in partnership with the Society for the Study of Labour History, alongside the book series Studies in Labour History, edited by Dr Alan Campbell. Since 1960 the journal has explored the working lives and politics of 'ordinary' people and has played a key role in redefining social and political history.

The journal's emphasis is on British labour history, though comparative and international studies are not neglected. The editors welcome contributions which dig deeper within the traditional subject matter of labour history, but they are also keen to expand the parameters of the subject and the range of approaches taken to it. They are particularly interested in articles which engage with issues of gender and ethnicity or race, as well as class.

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Code of Conduct
LUP is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. We therefore ask that all contributors and reviewers adhere to the COPE Core Practices. More info can be found on the COPE website.

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Paul Corthorn, Queen's University Belfast
Peter J Gurney, University of Essex

Reviews Editor:
Quentin Outram, Leeds University Business School

Editorial Advisory Board:
Charlotte Alston, Northumbria University, UK
Hester Barron, University of Sussex, UK
John Belchem, University of Liverpool, UK
Sheila Blackburn, University of Liverpool, UK
Alan Campbell, University of Liverpool, UK
Krista Cowman, University of Lincoln, UK
June Hannam, University of the West of England, UK
Neville Kirk, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
John McIlroy, Middlesex University, UK
Arthur McIvor, University of Strathclyde, UK
Kevin Morgan, University of Manchester, UK
Matt Perry, Newcastle University, UK
Matthew Roberts, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Sheila Rowbotham, University of Manchester, UK
Pat Thane, King’s College London, UK

International Advisory Board:

Stefan Berger, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Marcus Bürgi, Zurich, Switzerland
Elizabeth Faue, Wayne State University, USA
Terry Irving, University of Wollongong, Australia
Marcel van der Linden, Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Stuart MacIntyre, University of Melbourne, Australia
Takao Matsumura, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
Melanie Nolan, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Emmet O’Connor, University of Ulster, UK
Andrea Pannaccione, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Rome, Italy
Richard Price, University of Maryland, USA
Sean Scalmer, University of Melbourne, Australia

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